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Multiple unit operation

Combining AntiLogPro OEM units

Multiple AntiLogPro OEM units can be combined together to realise a large multichannel data logging solution. As standard, AntiLogPro OEM units can log up to two RS232 data sources simultaneously together with selected digital logic levels, supply voltage and environment sensor data recorded as events.

To log more than two channels and more events, you can combine AntiLogPro OEM units together to form one large multi-channel RS232 data logger, all controlled from a single RS232 serial interface. The following example shows three units connected together to form a six channel data logger.

Six channel RS232 multiple data logger

Using the AntiLogPro terminal menu, a unique bus address value is assigned to each unit to be used in the system from 1 to a theoretical maximum of 255. Once the multiple unit mode is enabled in each unit, the units are then 'daisy chained' together via their Auxiliary serial ports to form a multi-unit communications bus. With the addition of one standard CMOS 3.3V signal to RS232 line driver circuit, the whole system can now be completely controlled from a single serial port terminal application on a PC.

If you don't have available, or don't wish to implement a standard RS232 live driver circuit in your design, you can simply fit two link connections on the OEM pin header to assign the line driver normally used for the secondary serial port on one of the units. The following example shows a three channel data logger using the RS232 line driver from the second unit's secondary serial port. As you can see, in this configuration, no additional hardware is required.

Three channel RS232 multiple data logger

If you are only using the line driver function of the secondary serial port in this case, and you would like to log CMOS 3.3V UART signals (from a GPS receiver module for example) then you can still log them on this secondary channel from the pin header connections, so in fact, you now have a four channel multiple unit data logger, all with a single serial port at RS232 line levels in control.

Using the bus assigned address, you can extract data from individual units after a recording session and talk to each one individually by 'connecting' to their individual menu systems all down the one serial port.

The multiple unit mode in AntiTermPro

Our free to download and use AntiTermPro application has been designed to provide extensive support for all of our AntiLog product range. It provide a serial port terminal display (to access the unit's menu system) and a whole host of other features including data downloading, media data extraction, unit firmware upgrades and of course, multiple unit operation.

Simply click on the 'Multiple Unit' button on the right hand side menu to open the multiple unit display. Once opened, you can select from a series of tabs to choose the parameters you wish to view in real time. The following example shows the result of clicking on the 'Media' tab in a system consisting of three AntiLogPro OEM units.

Multiple RS232 data logger bus operation

The next example shows the 'Mode' tab active with all units running in the record mode.

Multiple RS232 data loggers in record mode

In the 'Mode' tab for example, you can seamlessly switch between the operating modes for all units at any time. When the units are in the playback menu mode, you can click one of the 'Connect' buttons to connect straight through to an individual unit's menu system so you can make individual configuration changes per unit.

Please visit this website's AntiLog Support software section to access the user guide and installation setup file for our AntiTermPro support application.

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